Anchor Society announces launch of Anchor Robotics Assisted Living Facility

The Anchor Society and Bristol Robotics Laboratory at University of the West of England are delighted to announce the opening of the Anchor Robotics Assisted Living Facility by Anchor President Canon Dr John Savage CBE on Wednesday 9 September 2015. Photographs by Jon Hurst Photography The Anchor Society, a charity that has supported the elderly, … Read more…

Independence with dignity – the real challenge we face today

Growing older is not an option, goes the saying. And of course more and more of us are living to what my mum called a “ripe old age”.

That’s fantastic news. But what is increasingly clear is that society has been incredibly slow to gear up for the challenges as well as the opportunities that longevity brings. It’s been the “elephant in the room” for successive governments: issues with such huge implications for our public services (and public purse) that we haven’t grasped the nettle.

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