The Anchor Society was founded in 1769, when a dinner was held at the Three Tuns, a tavern on the site of the present Corn Exchange, with 22 members present.  At this dinner the President, Gilbert Davies, took up a collection of twelve guineas to benefit the poor and elderly in Bristol.  Since thenthere has been an unbroken record of Presidents’ annual appointments and personal collections.

Each year the Anchor, Dolphin and Grateful Societies simultaneously launch an Appeal, at the end of which the results are shared and announced at the annual dinner.

You will find a full list of Presidents and their annual collections here: https://www.anchorsociety.co.uk/collections/

Over the years there have been many notable speakers at the Anchor dinners; including Prime Minister Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman, in 1907, and Winston Churchill, who at that time was President of the Board of Trade, in 1909.

In 2011 Joyce Needham Cooper who was a significant benefactor died leaving the Anchor Society received a substantial legacy.  This significantly altered Anchor’s ability to serve older people in need in the Bristol region and her legacy continues to impact on our activities today.

In 2020, to mark the Society’s 250th anniversary, a special dinner was held to celebrate the contribution of our Past Presidents.  Thanks to their endeavours and the generosity of our donors, over £2 million pounds has been raised in the past 25 years to support older people in the greater Bristol area.

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