Older Peoples Sport and Physical Activity

Last years’ Anchor President Bob Reeves has been the been the visionary behind a new sport and physical activity project in Bristol.  Jointly funded by The Anchor Society, St Monica Trust and Bristol Sport Foundation and hosted by LinkAge, a key aim of the project will be to encourage and create opportunities for, 55+ sport and physical activity.

We are delighted to announce that the project will be headed up by Karen Lloyd (pictured below) who has extensive experience in the provision of community sport in the Bristol region.

Karen says…..

” My name is Karen Lloyd and I am the newly appointed Programme Manager for Older Peoples Sport and Physical Activity. With 28 years’ experience of delivering community sport across some of the most deprived areas of Bristol, I am delighted to have this opportunity, as I am totally passionate about using the power of sport to positively impact on peoples’ lives, health and wellbeing.  My the role will be to transform attitudes to, and opportunities for, 55+ sport and physical activity.”  

“One of my first tasks is to develop a campaign and ignite a conversation around peoples perceptions of Active Ageing, which will link to my core work of creating a sustainable framework and strategy for the development of sport and physical activity for the 55+ across the Greater Bristol area.”

“The intention is to create a programme ethos in which all participants feel valued, listened to and empowered to stimulate change. The design, steer, delivery and type of activities will be led by the 55+ voices in the community. My vision is for everyone, as they get older, to live actively to their fullest potential. I hope you will join me on this journey.”

We wish Karen and the project team every success with this exciting new initiative.

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