Where do Anchor Society funds come from?

The President’s Collections

The President of the Society makes an annual appeal for funds for the Charity on 1st November each year.

Gilbert Davis, the first President, collected £12 in 1769. Almost a century later, in 1868, Lewis Fry was the first President to exceed £1000 with a collection of £1022. In the last 20 years however more than £1.3 million has been raised through the Presidents’ collections.

These funds have been used to pump prime development of various functional properties, such as New Anchor House inKnowle, the Southlands Day Centre, the Colliers Garden Day Care facility in Fishponds, in conjunction with Brunelcareand Lincoln’s Gardens flats at Lawrence Hill Bristol with Guinness Trust. The Society relies entirely on the generosity of donors to the Presidents’ annual collections to finance its work.

Through the generosity of past supporters the Society is fortunate to receive legacies on a regular basis.

In the constantly changing climate of care provision, the Society keeps under review the investment made to ensure best value is achieved.

The accounts of the Society are available through the following link: http://www.charity-commission.gov.uk/

How is the money spent?

The Society seeks a social return for the money invested in pump priming functional facilities.

In addition, it supports homes construction on the basis of recycling the funds provided over the life-cycle of the buildings.

The Society funds annuities and grants for emergency repairs and loans.

The Society also operates a befriending service.