The Anchor Lectureship in Digital Health

One of our  most recent projects is the creation of an Anchor Society Lectureship in Digital Health – this will be part of the national-level SPHERE programme based at the University of Bristol.   This programme gathers data in people’s homes over extended periods and ties that data to different areas of their health and well-being.   We will have a focus on older people and issues specifically related to their health.  Over the next three years we are expecting some exciting, insightful and important results – amplified through attracting additional research funding.

We were delighted when Dr Rosin McNaney (pictured right) accepted the post and below she talks about her background and hopes for the project.

‘A speech and language therapist by background, I am not your typical computer scientist. However, my training has given me a unique insight into the tensions and challenges of working within healthcare services and the huge potential that digital technologies can bring. There is an increasing need for people with long-term conditions (e.g. diabetes, depression, COPD, Parkinson’s) to self-monitor and manage their health at home, with often lengthy times between visits with their clinician. My area of interest is around exploring the role of digital technologies to support these self-caring practices and, in particular, in working with health communities to design and develop technologies that are useful, simple to use by a wide range of people and those with different accessibility issues, and easy to fit into people’s already complex lives, without becoming a burden. In my previous work I have worked with older people to design everything from a simple cueing device, or mobile phone application, to designing support tools in augmented reality using the Google Glass. My future work with the Anchor Society will focus on exploring future potentials for the next generation of digital technologies (e.g. smart home sensors, artificial intelligence, virtual reality) to support older people to live healthy, happy lives’.

Pictured below are Alan Reed (Hon Secretary) Dr John Manley (2017 President) and Professor Ian Craddock, Director of the EPSRC funded SPHERE IRC Project, University of Bristol on the day we signed the agreement.

Photograph published with the permission of Dave Pratt and the University of Bristol
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