Richard Jarratt

Grants Committee

I was born in Yorkshire and “transported to Bristol” in my early thirties on a company move, accompanied by my wife and two small daughters. More than forty years this move has been one of my family’s greatest pieces of good luck. Very soon we discovered that Bristol is truly one of the best kept metropolitan secrets in the UK.

All my working life has been at the sharp end of manufacturing. For the last 35+ years I have worked in the cardboard box-making business that my wife and I started in 1979. I bring small business and management accounting skills to the Anchor Society. My strengths are in delivering a consistent “customer experience” in a small organisation while keeping a close eye on costs and value for money.

I believe passionately in partnership working as a means of achieving “more with less”. I was chairman of one of the two cardboard packaging trade associations for 15 years, and on the council of the other for 10 years. In both arenas I learnt that the whole is always greater than the sum of the parts when working in partnership with like-minded organisations.

I was very honoured to be asked to be Treasurer of the Anchor Society in 1999, and even more so to be elected President in 2006. I feel very strongly about loneliness and social isolation amongst older people. Modern society is rich enough and inventive enough to do something about it. I was delighted to be involved with Bob Durie and Paul Rowe from the very start of LinkAge in 2008. I have been Chairman of LinkAge since 2011.

It has been immensely satisfying to see LinkAge flourish and grow. LinkAge punches well above its weight in the impact it has on the lives of lonely and isolated people in the more deprived areas of Bristol. But the job is nowhere near done. The next challenge is to roll out LinkAge across the rest of Bristol and the travel to work areas around the city.

richard jarratt photo