The Anchor Society has been supporting the work of LinkAge Network since its inception in 2007.

LinkAge Network works to strengthen communities, improve health and wellbeing, and reduce social isolation among older people.

The charity partners with projects and facilities that bring people and organisations together to share skills and knowledge, and to empower older people.

LinkAge Network:

  • Delivers projects
  • Runs a Network
  • Disseminates resources
  • Informs over 55s about what’s on across the West of England
  • Hosts like-minded projects

Projects include:

What’s on for over 55s:

LinkAge Network works with local organisations and community groups to promote activities across the West of England for people aged 55 and over. Activities include arts and crafts, computer courses, cooking, film clubs, table tennis, tai chi, walking groups, walking sports and yoga.

They also produce what’s on guides bi-annually for several areas across Bristol.

Find out what’s on in your local area on the LinkAge Network website.

For more information on LinkAge Network go to or contact 0117 353 3042.

Joyce Simmons and Jim O'Brian

Walking Rugby
Stockwood Front Cover Photograph May - Aug 2016
Stockwood Front Cover Photograph Jan - Apr 2016

Photos courtesy of LinkAge