Anchor – Business in the Community employment project

The Anchor Society and Business in the Community in Bristol set up a project to enable unemployed people over 55 to get back into to work.  This work is funded by the Anchor Society and carried out by Business in the Community

Those who join the programme are given support and encouragement to interview well, write CV’s and gain experience through placements.  Around 50% of those who join the project either find work or volunteering with a view to gaining work later.   Business in the Community supports the person for 6 months.

As a result of the work in Bristol, Aviva Foundation has given £200,000 to expand the project nationally something that we are delighted about.

Here are a few comments from participants:

  • Just to say, I definitely found the session very useful.  Very good and solid information about the different types of interviews, the best ways to prepare for them and how to put oneself across.


  • I would say that it really brought home to me the importance of research and preparation. Also, that 1st impressions are the main things any potential employer has to go by, so it pays to be accurate in one’s presentation.


  • All 4 sessions really helped to bring me up to speed about job searching and c.v writing for the current employment market.  It was useful and encouraging to meet with other job seekers online.  That way we could feed off each other and see what was working and what wasn’t, since some people were further along in their job-search than others.


  • I generally enjoyed the online interaction, and it was lovely to have some human connection with like-minded people (i.e jobseekers).  It reminded me of my old professional, working self and that I only need to apply myself to the task, in order to potentially gain positive results.


  • The course helped me to feel optimistic about my job possibilities and made me realise that everyone has something valuable which they can contribute to the workforce.


  • I am very pleased that I got to take part in it, so thank you.
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